Management consulting with people in mind

We’re inspired to move your business forward with agility and precision, together, with the right people

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We show our strong commitment to people by operating with integrity.

We have a vision of providing businesses the opportunity to enable their thought leaders to understand and overcome the toughest challenges

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We consult to most major economic sectors

Across diverse sectors like Government, Mining, Rail/Rollingstock, Technology, Construction & Infrastructure, Water, Manufacturing, and Artificial Intelligence, Saligna Management Group excels in providing tailored solutions.

Our commitment to agility, precision, people, integrity, and commitment unifies our approach. Empowering thought leaders in each sector aligns with our vision, and our mission ensures collaborative problem-solving.

By navigating challenges with innovation and ethical practices, we consistently add value, fostering sustainable growth and resilience across varied industries.


    Saligna Management Group specialises in Strategy, Operations, and Project Consulting. We excel in formulating corporate strategies, optimising business models, and managing projects efficiently. Our expertise covers operations, including sales, supply chain, and outsourcing, supported by strong capabilities in business process management and feasibility studies. We provide comprehensive solutions for dynamic business environments.

    Corporate Strategy

    Strategy Consulting

    Elevate your business with Saligna Management Group's premier Strategy Consulting services. Our seasoned consultants provide tailored solutions to enhance your organisation's performance, foster growth, and navigate dynamic markets.

    From strategic planning to implementation, we empower businesses to thrive. Explore innovative strategies, achieve sustainable success, and drive profitability with Saligna Management Group – your trusted partner in strategic excellence. Unlock unparalleled business potential today.

    Operations Consulting

    Experience operational excellence with Saligna Management Group's Operations Consulting services. Our consultants bring precision and focus to streamline your business processes, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainable growth. From supply chain optimisation to performance analytics, we tailor solutions to your unique needs.

    Elevate your operations with Saligna – your trusted partner for navigating the complexities of business landscape. Transform challenges into opportunities and achieve peak operational performance with our expert consulting services.

    Corporate Strategy
    Corporate Strategy

    Project Consulting

    Fuel your project success with Saligna Management Group's Project Consulting services. Our seasoned consultants bring precision and focus to every project, ensuring seamless execution and optimal outcomes. From inception to completion, we offer strategic guidance, risk management, and cost-effective solutions.

    Elevate your project management experience with Saligna – your trusted partner for delivering excellence in the Australian business landscape. Achieve unparalleled results with our expert Project Consulting services.

    “Excellent commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment was demonstrated by Benjamin, via evidence of management engagement and exemplary initiatives.”

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    Susan Smith - Lead Assessor

    Lloyd’s Register

    “Benjamin was able to amalgamate into the team with ease and get across all the projects and processes very quickly to help deliver the program of works with a well-structured approach.”

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    Roger Lee - Manager Asset Services

    Town of Cambridge

    Get in touch with Benjamin Neville - Managing Director, Saligna Management Group.